Anja Rabe

From the beginning of my professional development, I have, among other things,  enjoyed working with organization, project management and communication, both practically and structurally/strategically. In the process of the recent years I have become very familiar with the broad field of “human resources”. The context of personnel services has given me many relevant insights into the practised working methods and effectiveness of HR departments, the nature of company processes and structures as well as the open mindedness to make decisions and take risks buttom-up and top-down. Conclusion: There is still enough room for improvement! Accordingly, there is an urgent need for action in order to be prepared for all the challenges that “new work”, globalization, change & co will undoubtedly continue to hold in store.

In collaborating with skillesense, luckily now I am able to combine this experience, my skills and a great deal of passion for these topics to create a useful whole. My guiding principle is always: What is claimed must actually be proven! 

Quite a perfect fit, because Laura is, among many other things, the real proof of lived “female empowerment”, “best practice coaching” with a deep understanding of needs and circumstances, a binding and on-point clear accompaniment for personality and team development and for “hands on” par excellence!

No nice-sounding, egocentric, fair-weather coaching, but individual solutions for individual needs are the hallmark of the approachable, realistic and pragmatic work that is the building block for the success of skillesense and its customers. It’s great to be on board!