Dr. Esther Konieczny 

As an experienced consultant for innovation, agile methods, self-organization and new work, I have accompanied companies and non-profit organizations in phases of upheaval and change. In co-creative and collaborative settings, I develop new product and service offerings or a new organizational design with my customers in order to be able to survive as an organization and as a human being in the digital frenzy. In 2017 I founded the Berlin consultancy Kobold | Co-founded Purpose Design & Innovation. I have been working as a freelancer since September 2019 and prefer to work flexibly in different constellations with inspiring colleagues. In my work, I place a special focus on topics of social and sustainable transformation and all issues related to New Work.

The way we are working not only concerns me professionally, but also in my voluntary work. I am a co-founder and chairwoman of the association Fair für Kinder. In this role, I am committed to a diverse family image and the recognition of care work as a relevant and equal part work. Politically, I fight to overcome family, child and maternal poverty.