What we offer

Coaching is a very personal process that hones perception, broadens perspective, and strengthens the ability to act. In this, we support you holistically and individually. Sometimes,we need a neutral partner who gives us impulses, supports us, asks the right questions, or opens up new perspectives. As psychologists, coaches, and above all as people and good listeners, we assist you in sorting through topics, making decisions, achieving your own goals and vision – and in increasing your well-being. We are psychologists trained in systems theories, and take asolution and resource-oriented approach to our work. We have no standard agenda when working with you-it is about your needs, your wishes, and your challenges. Together, we work to bring you closer to your goals and create space for your intuition and your potential.

Where and how?

• Just give us a call and make an appointment for a 30-minute free, initial consultation.

• During this time, we will explore your concerns, the goals of the coaching process, mutual expectations, as well as possible approaches. We draw froma diverse array of coaching methods.

• Do you travel frequently for professional reasons and depend on our flexibility? We offer coaching at your location, in our offices in Berlin Mitte, as well as sessions by telephone or Skype.

• We are also flexible with regard to timing. Depending on your needs, we can offer you 15 minute perspective change sessions orin-depth 120 minute sessions. We are also available forevening and weekend appointments. If you (individually or as a group) wish to work on your topics in a focused manner over a longer timeframe, we will facilitate this, for example, duringone of our coaching weekends.

• We also offer in-housecoaching certification programmes for entire organizational units. These last between 6 months and 1.5 years, depending on the requirements and target group.

When does coaching make sense?

• You want to make decisions or gain new perspectives.

• here are changes at home, and you want to deal with them constructively and help shape them.

• You want to communicate more confidently with your colleagues, employees and supervisors.

• You want to improve how you handle conflict situation.

• You want to explore your (new) role in your professional life and want to help shape it more strongly.

• You would like to develop your potential and your values.

• You hope to establish mindfulness in your life.

• You are looking for inner balance and want to deal with your stress constructively.

• You have concrete goals and would like to achieve them.

• You want to advance your team as a supervisor/project manager.

• You would like input or another perspective on a question you have.