Team Development

Constructive and goal-oriented interaction

A team can only function and achieve the desired results if its members work well together, know and accept each other’s strengths and areas of development, and assume certain (flexible) team roles. Teams are always faced with new challenges and change processes. Each team has its own dynamics, and we make these visible in our team developments in an appreciative and interactive way, so that the daily challenges can be mastered together, constructively and with trust. Our partnership with you focuses on finding individual, tailor-made solutions that draw from the potential within your team.

Motivation for team coaching / team development can vary among any of the following:

● Leadership and leadership changes in teams.
● Finding solutions to challenges.
● Clarification of roles, responsibilities and tasks of individuals
Fusion of teams.
● Communication among virtual or international teams.
● Conflicts within the team.
● Implementation of new processes.
● Development of new team structures.
● Making cooperation more appreciative and constructive.
● Supporting a team during a change process.
● Preparation for change processes.

Paying attention to detail, we clarify your needs, interview different team members in advance if desired, and then determine which approach is suitable for you and your team. We are happy to accommodate your wishes regarding the setting and timeframe, and have already implemented many creative concepts. We can make the strengths of your team visible on the beach of Barcelona, or focus on your goals while doing archery, or even experience our effectiveness when building something together.