Facilitation – we facilitate a constructive dialogue and bring together the potential of the group and entire systems !

Are you looking for a partner to reflect on current situations, existing and future challenges, through phases of confusion leading into renewal? We look forward to supporting you in this process and to working with you to set people, structures and subsystems in motion! As facilitators, we focus on the ability to control one’s self and to organize within a group. We believe that great potentials and many solutions, which are needed in order to advance truly sustainable developments and changes, lie within the group itself – whether the setting is with a team offsite, at a leadership retreat, in a change and culture workshop, in a world cafe format, during learning trips, at network events, etc.

We support you as facilitators when

A group wants to work more effectively and is looking for common and constructive solutions to problems.

Different basic assumptions, convictions, values and expertise come together and need to be understood in order to derive common benefit from them.

You are looking for a specialist for meaningful dialogues and cross-departmental development and change.

We create a positive, appreciative and clear framework. This enables the participants to contribute their knowledge and resources, to discuss topics and concerns, and to develop solutions. After that, they are able to initiate concrete steps and projects.