Elke Silbermann

Training ∗Coaching ∗ Business Profiling

Knowing and accepting one’s own personality gives energy and opens up new options for action – in everyday professional life, in processes of change, and in interaction with others.

Increasing the participants’ options for action and ways of thinking is what I am primarily concerned with in training and coaching. 

What I personally contribute to this is a safe framework that offers space for the familiar, the unfamiliar and the new, situationally applied methods from over twenty years of training, facilitation and coaching experience in industry, my distinct feeling for language and the personality test tool synergos

“Learning” is best done in a relaxed atmosphere. I contribute to this with my systemic view of things, a positive view of people – and of course humour.

Laura Schwan and I are united by a shared continuous dedication to our work and – of a personal note – our children of the same age.