Wendy Waxman

Empathetic, engaged listening; ideas at the right time.

I build bridges – toward my clients in multiple fields and between cultures – and strive for positive developments both for the individual and the system within which that individual is engaged.

I am a person and idea connector. I love good cooperation – the kind that is characterized by the active exchange of ideas and creativity. When I am your facilitator, you will recognize me by my empathetic and positive approach; don’t be surprised when I engage you in what is going on! When I am your coach, I have your back and will use coaching tools that help you gain a new perspective on things. As a US American who has lived 13 years in Germany and is now raising two bilingual children, I am at home in Europe and the US.

Focus of my work:

– Non-profits and volunteer-driven organizations: Leadership and development of volunteers, creating fruitful networks and partnerships in communities

– Cultural competency and communication training (engaging with diverse populations / Germany – USA)

– Facilitation for teen groups

– Assessment and development centers for trainers and leaders

– Peer consultations