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What we offer

Coaching is a very personal process that hones perception, broadens perspective, and strengthens the ability to act. In this, we support you holistically and individually. Sometimes,we need a neutral partner who gives us impulses, supports us, asks the right questions, or opens up new perspectives. As psychologists, coaches, and above all as people and good listeners, we assist you in sorting through topics, making decisions, achieving your own goals and vision – and in increasing your well-being. We are psychologists trained in systems theories, and take asolution and resource-oriented approach to our work. We have no standard agenda when working with you-it is about your needs, your wishes, and your challenges. Together, we work to bring you closer to your goals and create space for your intuition and your potential.

Where and how?

• Just give us a call and make an appointment for a 30-minute free, initial consultation.

• During this time, we will explore your concerns, the goals of the coaching process, mutual expectations, as well as possible approaches. We draw froma diverse array of coaching methods.

• Do you travel frequently for professional reasons and depend on our flexibility? We offer coaching at your location, in our offices in Berlin Mitte, as well as sessions by telephone or Skype.

• We are also flexible with regard to timing. Depending on your needs, we can offer you 15 minute perspective change sessions orin-depth 120 minute sessions. We are also available forevening and weekend appointments. If you (individually or as a group) wish to work on your topics in a focused manner over a longer timeframe, we will facilitate this, for example, duringone of our coaching weekends.

• We also offer in-housecoaching certification programmes for entire organizational units. These last between 6 months and 1.5 years, depending on the requirements and target group.

When does coaching make sense?

• You want to make decisions or gain new perspectives.

• here are changes at home, and you want to deal with them constructively and help shape them.

• You want to communicate more confidently with your colleagues, employees and supervisors.

• You want to improve how you handle conflict situation.

• You want to explore your (new) role in your professional life and want to help shape it more strongly.

• You would like to develop your potential and your values.

• You hope to establish mindfulness in your life.

• You are looking for inner balance and want to deal with your stress constructively.

• You have concrete goals and would like to achieve them.

• You want to advance your team as a supervisor/project manager.

• You would like input or another perspective on a question you have.


“To learn to swim, I must go into the water, otherwise I learn nothing.”(August Bebel)

We do not only want to impart knowledge in our trainings, but also to immediately translate this knowledge into practical skills for our clients’ everyday life. For this reason, we always design our trainings to enable direct experience in real time, professionally (as well as privately). After many years in the training business, we have tried out and further developed various models, concepts and methods in different contexts and countries and looked at what makes the most sense for which target group.

We are always present with our heart and soul! Therefore, we never neglect fun and a sense of humour in our seminars!
So that we can tailor a suitable and individual solution for you, we value a detailed clarification of expectations in advance. The translation of what has been learnt into everyday working life is already addressed in the seminar (e.g. through targeted transfer exercises and learning partners) and also ensured afterwards by need-based support (e.g. through follow-up discussions or coaching).

Challenge us! Of course, we can always put together an individual combination of trainings for your company. Please feel free to ask us about topics that are not listed here.

Team Development

Constructive and goal-oriented interaction

A team can only function and achieve the desired results if its members work well together, know and accept each other’s strengths and areas of development, and assume certain (flexible) team roles. Teams are always faced with new challenges and change processes. Each team has its own dynamics, and we make these visible in our team developments in an appreciative and interactive way, so that the daily challenges can be mastered together, constructively and with trust. Our partnership with you focuses on finding individual, tailor-made solutions that draw from the potential within your team.

Motivation for team coaching / team development can vary among any of the following:

● Leadership and leadership changes in teams.
● Finding solutions to challenges.
● Clarification of roles, responsibilities and tasks of individuals
Fusion of teams.
● Communication among virtual or international teams.
● Conflicts within the team.
● Implementation of new processes.
● Development of new team structures.
● Making cooperation more appreciative and constructive.
● Supporting a team during a change process.
● Preparation for change processes.

Paying attention to detail, we clarify your needs, interview different team members in advance if desired, and then determine which approach is suitable for you and your team. We are happy to accommodate your wishes regarding the setting and timeframe, and have already implemented many creative concepts. We can make the strengths of your team visible on the beach of Barcelona, or focus on your goals while doing archery, or even experience our effectiveness when building something together.

Personnel Assessment

Personnel Assessment Tools

If you would like to have a thorough assessment of your current employees or teams, then the following measurement tools provide solid information. Based upon the results, we will gladly develop a tailor-made and sustainable development strategy for your employees. Ask us – we will be glad to tell you more!

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder® – Identify, understand and maximise strengths. The Clifton StrengthsFinder® helps people discover their unique combination of strengths. Research shows that people are successful when they focus on what they do best. By identifying their talents and transforming them into strengths, they increase productivity, performance and emotional attachment. CliftonStrengths® assessment is the first step towards identifying your talents. The results then give participants the opportunity to discuss and develop their own individual combination of skills, talents and knowledge (their strengths).
  • RELIEF by SCHEELEN® – Stress & Burnout Prevention to Maintain Performance Everyone is talking about stress and burnout – now you can measure it. With the RELIEF by SCHEELEN® you have the possibility to record the different facets of stress and burnout. Questions such as how meaningful and motivating someone experiences their work, which attitudes are most promising, how strong self-induced stress is, and above all, what keeps someone healthy, are answered. Previously undiscovered resources and potential for development become objectively visible, along with sources of social or psychological stress, and loss of motivation.
  • INSIGHTS MDI® – Capturing Behaviour & Motives of Individuals or Teams. INSIGHTS MDI® raises behavioral preferences (how someone does something) and motives (why someone does something). Profiles based upon both aspects of personality as well as situational requirements can be generated. INSIGHTS MDI® thus forms an effective basis for personnel selection, personnel development, and team development. The analysis makes it easier to communicate successfully according to our type, while providing insights into how we behave in professional and stressful situations. It captures our core values, illuminates our own individual driving motivations, and explains why we behave in a very specific way.
  • ASSESS® – Validly and strategically define, measure and develop competencies. ASSESS® delivers a reliable and comprehensive competence analysis of applicants and employees. In this way, it identifies objective discrepancies between the existing potential and the competencies required for a position. The data obtained provides the basis for tailor-made, sustainable HR potential development programmes. This is how professional competence management can succeed! You define your individual competence model, reliably measure the competences of your employees, and strategically provide them with development opportunities to meet your needs.
  • OPQ32® – Behavioural preferences at the workplace of individuals or teams. The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32®) is based on a personality model that allows for the interpretation of complex personality structures and thus for an understanding of how they impact work performance. The OPQ records 32 preferred, job-related behavior styles, which in turn are divided into three categories: interpersonal behaviour, thinking style, as well as emotion and motivation. This information enables you to make better personnel selection decisions, achieve a better fit between employee and task area or between employee and team, and make informed assessments of your employees’ strengths and development areas.
  • EQ® – Measuring & developing emotional intelligence strategically 90% of the difference between exceptional and average managers can be explained by their EQ®! Turn your management team into emotionally intelligent executives who can perceive, understand and competently navigate their own and others’ emotions. Under these circumstances, even critical change processes can be healthier and more successful. The EQ® analysis highlights the five areas of Emotional Intelligence: self-perception, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. The information gained helps to meet each customer and employee where they are and offers starting points for improving upon the team culture.

Facilitation – we facilitate a constructive dialogue and bring together the potential of the group and entire systems !

Are you looking for a partner to reflect on current situations, existing and future challenges, through phases of confusion leading into renewal? We look forward to supporting you in this process and to working with you to set people, structures and subsystems in motion! As facilitators, we focus on the ability to control one’s self and to organize within a group. We believe that great potentials and many solutions, which are needed in order to advance truly sustainable developments and changes, lie within the group itself – whether the setting is with a team offsite, at a leadership retreat, in a change and culture workshop, in a world cafe format, during learning trips, at network events, etc.

We support you as facilitators when

A group wants to work more effectively and is looking for common and constructive solutions to problems.

Different basic assumptions, convictions, values and expertise come together and need to be understood in order to derive common benefit from them.

You are looking for a specialist for meaningful dialogues and cross-departmental development and change.

We create a positive, appreciative and clear framework. This enables the participants to contribute their knowledge and resources, to discuss topics and concerns, and to develop solutions. After that, they are able to initiate concrete steps and projects.